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Send new bulk SMS or view and respond to replies you have recieved on your mobile.

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Instant Delivery

Bulk text messages are sent from our servers and delivered within seconds.

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Two-Way Conversations

Bulk sms recipients can reply to messages. Keep chatting with a private conversation.

Free MMS & SMS Attachments.

Register and send from Local Numbers.

WiFi Text SMS Application

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International Carrier Support

Our bulk sms tool allows you to send messages to a list of recipient phone numbers that you supply. When you press send, our platform will instantly deliver your message to every number that you have provided.

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Powered by our servers and partners situated around the world our WiFi Text SMS network is able to ensure delivery of your text messages around the globe. Making sure your bulk sms messages are sent and received as quick and reliably as possible is our goal. Sending bulk sms online using our web page is simple, and will allow you to send your message to hundreds of contacts in moments.

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With Verizon being one of the largest networks within the USA, it's no surprise that we support T-mobile. Instantly send to and receive text messages from Verizon users.


T-Mobile + Sprint

Being the company powering our WiFi Text services throughout North America, you can have confidence your messages will be delivered throughout the T-Mobile Network.



We support coverage to AT&T users allowing your messages to get through to customers using their popular unlimited data plans.



Bell Mobility is one of the two largest Canadian networks, and WiFi Text definitely supports their network allowing you to stay connected.



Rogers Wireless is one of the other largest networks in Canada. WiFi Text provides coverage and allows you to reach your contacts using Rogers.


Freedom Mobile

We even support Freedom Mobile users, allowing you to send and receive messages to any of your contacts who are not using Bell or Rogers.


& More

We are constantly improving our coverage, and support all of our International and North American cellular networks. Try us today!

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Bulk SMS Made Personal

Stay Connected

After sending text messages to bulk recipients, you can monitor and read any replies. For each recipient, you can send additional messages, or respond to their replies. MMS Attachments included for free!

Desktop App ‐ Start text messaging using any web browser.

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Mobile Apps ‐ Bring your message history and contacts anywhere by downloading the mobile applications for Android or iOS.

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Questions about Bulk Text Messaging?

Free Bulk SMS FAQ

Learn more about sending sending SMS and MMS in bulk by reading our FAQ topics.

We are constantly working to expand our platform and are improving the functions available.
Take a look at our SMS FAQ to learn what's new, or to answer any questions that you have.

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