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WiFi Text supports each of the cellular networks across Canada.

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Are your friends out of service? Is your phone disconnected or unavailable? WiFi Text online interface and mobile applications allows you to stay connected to your friends and family using online’s most comprehensive web based text messaging technology. Begin sending and receiving free text messages over WiFi or data instantly.

Join millions of Canadians in the conversation when you start using WIFI Text. WIFI Text is committed to providing Canadians with the most efficient, and reliable text messaging service available at no cost.

With innovations using the best up-to-date technology and award winning security in place, WIFI Text delivers a seamless user experience, prioritizing ease, personal security and network compatibility throughout Canada & the US. Along with providing unmatched sms and mms service between carriers and devices across the nation, WIFI Text allows you to stay connected without the use of outdated traditional carrier plans. Simply login and start chatting. WIFI Text offers user benefits unique to the online web texting platform arena.

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Why should you start using WIFI Text? There are many benefits to using WIFI Text over traditional carrier plans. To begin, the service is completely free! WIFI Text will not ask you to subscribe for use of the service. Unlike phone carrier plans, where you pay standard texting rates, WIFI Text allows you all the benefits of sms and mms texting at no charge. This service is great for users who rely on sms/mms service in their day-to-day lives who don’t want to be bothered by paying for it. If you are already connected to the internet, why bother paying more? The benefits for Canadians using WIFI Text are endless. Enjoy unlimited access to your loved ones from across the country at any time or day. If you lost your phone or have gone out of service you can be out of touch from your contacts limiting your ability to network. WIFI Text, eliminates the distance between you and friends. WIFI Text is great for users who simply need to send and receive messages without being involved with complicated, expensive and out-dated phone plans. Even if you lose your phone you are able to access WIFI Text through any device and platform. WiFi Text provides a simple solution to Canadians looking to send text messages within Canada for free.

With WIFI Text you will be able to connect with your contacts regardless of what plans they already have existing. When you start using WIFI Text your contacts will be able to receive your messages on their device and be able to reply back - allowing you unadulterated access to them. Your conversations will be seamless. Moreover, your conversations will remain yours. When you use other texting platforms, even carrier platforms, your information is sold to third party agencies so they can market direct ads or even track you! WIFI Text keeps your information completely secure and accessible only to you. We at WIFI Text understand privacy is a dwindling resource in the online world. That’s why we have provided an all in one easy to use, text messaging platform that will protect you and your information. WIFI Text guarantees no iost or interrupted service across Canada. Regardless of whether your contacts are with Rogers, Bell ‐ or one of the many other cellular networks across Canada, you will be able to connect with them and chat through their sms platform. WIth WIFI Text, there is no need for your contacts to fumble through incompatible off brand web based messaging apps, they will receive your texts directly to their preferred sms platform. There is no reason you can’t join millions of Canadians today in the world’s most comprehensive and easy to use web based text messaging system.

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WiFi Text offers features like free SMS messaging without ads, subscriptions, or the need to create an account through WiFi or any cellular carrier in Canada or the USA. We also provide end-to-end encryption of your personal information and conversations to keep it safe from third party marketing agencies. When you use WIFI Text you can be confident your information will remain secure and not unsold. All your conversations are private and for your eyes only. There are no downsides to using WIFI Text. WIFI Text is the best rated and efficient web based texting platform in the online world. The benefits to using WIFI Text over traditional carrier plans are instant. Join in the fun today and don’t miss out on the world’s best Wifi text messaging platform. WIFI Text.




Bell Mobility is one of the two largest Canadian cellular networks, and WiFi Text definitely supports their network allowing you to stay connected.




Rogers Wireless is one of the other largest networks in Canada. WiFi Text provides coverage and allows you to reach your contacts using Rogers.



Freedom Mobile

We even support Freedom Mobile users, allowing you to send and receive messages to any of your contacts who are not using Bell or Rogers.



& More

We support all of the carriers throughout Canada. Koodo Mobile, Fido, and more. Send a few test messages to try it for yourself!

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Learn more about sending SMS in Canada for free and how WiFi Text works.

Although WiFi Text may be used without an account there are many benefits of signing up. Signing up for an account will allow you to save contacts as well as conversations, and for others to save your, now permanent, number as their contact. Past conversations and contacts will be available through your account across any device, whether it's web-based or through our Android or IOS application.

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