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WIFI Text USA is one the fastest growing online texting platforms in the world. With thousands of new users every day, WIFI Text USA continues to provide millions of Americans fast and secure sms delivery. Are your friends out of service? Phone disconnected or unavailable? WiFi Text online interface and mobile applications allow you to stay connected to your contacts by sending free text messages over WiFi or data. With complete networking compatibility throughout Canada & USA, text messaging has never been more seamless. Established in 2018, WIFI Text USA has consistently, shown to be the most trusted online text provider around. Our mission at WIFI Text is to provide Americans with fast, uninterrupted, and secure service at no charge. Simply, create an account and start texting. There are many bonuses to using WIFI Text.

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When you need to send a message or text someone within the USA, WiFi Text can help.
If you lost your phone or have gone out of a service area you may be finding it difficult to maintain communication with your contacts. WIFI Text is the perfect solution to bridge the gap between service and accessibility. WIFI Text is a great alternative to traditional phone plans. WIth online’s best streamlined service, Wifi Text on par to compete with the USA’s largest service providers. Don’t negotiate with expensive and complicated phone contracts when WIFI Text delivers the same high quality service across all internet accessing devices at no cost. Free online sms delivery is a perfect solution for those who rely on sending sms in their day to day life.

With WiFi Text, your contacts will receive your messages instantly and will be able to reply back, allowing you to have a traditional two way conversation. WIFI Text will work across all devices and platforms regardless of which service carrier your recipient is using. This includes devices that wouldn’t normally have sms capabilities like tablets, laptops or even gaming consoles! You no longer need to be restricted to certain devices or applications to send your important messages to the people you need to send them to. If you have their contact information you will be able to have genuine two way interactions with your contacts in real time.

WiFi Text does not rely on high volume ad space, subscriptions or selling your information for revenue. This means you can enjoy features like free SMS messaging without ads, subscriptions, or then need to create an account through WiFi or any cellular carrier in Canada or the USA. We also encrypt your personal information and conversations to keep it safe and never sell or provide this information to third parties with the highest rated security systems online. We at WIFI Text believe your personal data should be for you only. With end-to-end encryption, your conversations will remain confidential and secure from any possible online harms or threats. WIFI Text is the only online sms delivery system that guarantees the highest level of security with the best standard of service.

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Using online’s most comprehensive technology, we are able to provide you the highest rated quality of service at no charge. Millions of Americans are raving about the speed and efficiency in which WIFI Text has redefined communication in the 21st century. Don’t miss out on being part of the greatest revolution to change media based communication. WIFI Text will continue to grow and thrive to provide Americans with the speed and reliability they are entitled to. When you use WIFI Text there are no downsides. Join today and see what millions of people are talking about. WIFI Text. Don’t miss out.




With Verizon being one of the largest networks within the USA, it's no surprise that we support T-mobile. Instantly send to and receive text messages from Verizon users.



T-Mobile + Sprint

Being the company powering our WiFi Text services throughout North America, you can have confidence your messages will be delivered throughout the T-Mobile Network.




We support coverage to AT&T users allowing your messages to get through to customers using their popular unlimited data plans.



& More

We are constantly improving our coverage, and support all of the North American cellular networks. Try us today!

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Learn more about sending SMS in America for free and how WiFi Text works.

Although WiFi Text may be used without an account there are many benefits of signing up. Signing up for an account will allow you to save contacts as well as conversations, and for others to save your, now permanent, number as their contact. Past conversations and contacts will be available through your account across any device, whether it's web-based or through our Android or IOS application.

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